Hiawatha Highlands – Groomer Position

Hiawatha Highlands currently has 2 full time groomers but would like to add a part-time groomer to the team this winter.  If you are looking for a few hours a week and have some experience please apply to info@hiawathahighlands.com

 Job Description

  • Position is part time and dependent on snow fall
  • Grooming of ski trails using Piston Bully and snow machine
  • Grooming to be done on a regular as needed basis
  • Previous experience such as working with Piston Bully or Snow machine
  • Heavy equipment training including joy stick technology
  • Regular maintenance to be carried out on both the Piston Bully and (3)Snow machines
  • Responsible for all maintenance accounts regarding equipment and gas
  • Responsible for ordering of fuel and monitoring and reporting/ documenting consumption
  • Responsible for maintaining log books for equipment
  • Responsible for putting up and removing signage (fix and replace)
  • Read and update everyone through daily logbook (Trail conditions, closures)
  • Take daily pictures of the trails and update websites daily
  • Must clear any purchases prior to purchasing
  • Must work in a safe and responsible manner at all times
  • Must be a cross country skier