Results – Crystal 50 – March 15, 2003

Hiawatha Highlands

Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario

Sunday, March 15, 2003

1  Dave Fanslow     2:54:36 
2  Eric Piscopo     2:56:36
3  Larry Tomie      3:01:36
4  Mario Festival   3:28:30
5  Ben Baldassarro  3:07:00 (33K)
6  Masa Higuchi             (26K)

The Crystal 50 used the Crystal Trail System at Hiawatha Highlands starting with the 2K trail and then followed by 4 laps of the Crystal 12K loop (including all the extensions: Hiawatha, Inner Loop, Olympic).

Dave Fanslow, came all the way from Ann Arbour, Michigan, to claim gold. The conditions were perfect at the start with mostly sunny skies and a temperatures of -6. By mid-morning though, the combination of temperatures well above freezing, bright sunshine and new snow made for very slow conditions.

The format for the race was simple: no fees, no awards, no aid and no wimps!