Joie de Ski Award Winners for 2020 and 2021









The Soo Finnish Nordic Ski Club’s “Joie de Ski” pin is given in memory of Jim Patterson, a happy man, an enthusiastic skier, and a Jackrabbit leader for many years.  Jim loved “his” Jackrabbits, loved skiing and loved the friends that he made through skiing.  He entered loppets, runs, and races, just for the fun of it.  He participated in learn-to-ski lessons, just for the fun of it. He helped build bicycle bumps and jumps on the Pinder Hill, just for the fun of it. He danced at Jackrabbit sock hops, just for the fun of it.

Jim lived and skied, filled with “la joie de vivre”.

Award recipients are honoured at our annual awards banquet; however, such a gathering was not feasible in 2020 and 2021. Recipients received their certificate and pin by mail in April 2021.

Soo Finnish Nordic Ski Club celebrates the participation and accomplishment of the following club members who share enthusiasm, love of skiing, and sense of fun. Congratulations!

We would love to see a photo of you wearing your pin! Email a photo.

2020 Club Joie Awards
Kim Chapman
The Esposito-Aho Family: Jill, Sam, Aurora, Finnley, & Tarmo
Don & Janis Nixon

2020 Jackrabbits Joie Awards
Leo Keranen
Peighton Pigeon
Kieran Bodnar
Himmat Baath
Emma MacKay
Owen Euale
Susanna Jenkins
Owen Anthony
Theo Swiderski
Helen Wright
Hazel Wright
Maxime Morin
Alice Lawson
Neve Purvis
Samuel Gomes
Luca Capisciolto
Samuel Phaneuf
Ethan Mittleholtz
Jadon Pino

2021 Club Joie Awards
The Butler-Allison Family: Sarah, Jeremy, Max, and Claire
Claire McLean
Al Orlando
The Slagel Family: Brad, Kerith, Camden, and Nate
Jack Trombello

2021 Jackrabbits Joie Awards
Claire Haddy
Reagan Burkhart
Julia Foley
Jonathan Campbell
Isaac Coutu
Madison Graham
Wini Swiderski
Nora Campbell
Fiona Halford
Zen Zavoral
Elizabeth O’Toole
Lucy Webb
Kobe Bodnar
Benjamin Campbell
Maxime Morin
Callie Broad
Owen Robertson-Ip
Aly Sharabura
Mackenzie Lalonde
Eden Bishop
Gus Morin-Strom
Samuel Phaneuf

If you are interested in finding out who was awarded the 2020 & 2021 Kinsmen trophies, Ski Team trophies, Kevin Allan Riutta Award, Janet Rodger-Anderson, and the President’s Award, attend our virtual AGM on June 2, 2021.