More details on each event will be added as the information becomes available.

Ski Club Events – 2017/18 season

September 24 – Trail Trot

November 4 – Cross Country Ski And Outdoor Equipment Swap

December 8-10 – Introduction to Community Coaching (ICC) and Community Coaching (CC)

December 16 – First day of Jackrabbits !!

December 31 – Family New Year’s Eve Lantern Ski

January 20/21 – Hiawatha Snowfest

January 25 – Thursday Night Under The Lights

  • Fun & social team events for cross country skiers & fat bike riders (helmets required)
    $5 registration fee; proceeds donated to Sault Area Hospital Foundation’s Ski The Trails Fundraiser
    Same day registration from 6:00-6:30pm at Hiawatha Highlands KinCentre, 780 Landslide Rd
    Events begin at 7:00pm
    Participants will be randomly assigned to a team each week
  • Makin’ Traks 2018

February 3 – Maple Syrup Stampede – St. Joseph Island

February 8 – Thursday Night Under The Lights

February 10 – Bon Soo Lantern Ski

  • Cross-country ski the Pinder Trail lit by candle lanterns with our friends at the Soo Finnish Nordic Ski Club! Free trail pass with Bon Soo 2018 Souvenir Button or Carnival Pass (sold on site), event rate starts at 6pm. Homemade baking & hot drinks available, $7 ski rental – don’t miss it.

February 11 – Ski the Trails

February 25 – Mabel Lake Tour

  • The Mabel Lake Tour is a fun recreational event for classic-technique cross country skiers, fat bike riders, and snowshoers on groomed back-country wilderness trails.
  • Participation is open to the public and SFN club members. There are two trail-head options giving round-trip ski distances ranging from 6 to 25 km: the Half-Mabel 6 km, the Kin-to-Creek 12 km, the Connor-Mabel 14 km, the Full-Mabel 19 km, and the Uber-Mabel 25 km.
  • Two rest stops along the trail provide an opportunity to enjoy a warm drink, delicious snack, and some good conversation.
  • Please note that snowshoe participation is limited to Connor Road trailhead.
  • More information and registration …

March 10 – Special Olympics Regional Winter Games at Hiawatha Highlands

March 10 – Family & Friends Ski Day – Last day of Jackrabbits

  • Ski the Pinder trail system in REVERSE direction. We welcome all ski trail pass holders, ski club members, and the general public to join in on the fun and celebrate the ski season. Hiawatha Highlands will be offering discounted ski rentals and trail passes for the event; bring a friend to enjoy cross country skiing, the beautiful scenery, and our wonderful community.   $5 Rentals $7 Trail Pass.
  • Campfire, cookies, and warm drinks will be available at the intersection of the Mockingbird extension. Voluntary nut-free cookie donations may be droped off at the Kinsmen Centre on Friday, March 9th.
    Enjoy a warm bowl of Cafe Natura’s chili at the Kinsmen Centre for $6 after 11AM.

April 8 – SFNSC Annual Awards Banquet