NEW High School Group Pilot Program

The beautiful thing about cross country skiing is that it is a “sport for life”. Soo Finnish Nordic is pleased to announce a new pilot program designed for teens only!  High school students new to cross country skiing or that have graduated from the Jackrabbit program in the past, and want to continue skiing recreationally, are welcome to participate. Fun, fitness, and friendship are the goals.  Practices will be relaxed and catered towards the different abilities of the skiers.

Who:  High school aged (13-17 years old)  Up to 8 skiers for this year.

When:  Saturday morning at 10:45-11:45, up to six weeks.
January 22, January 29, February 5, February 12, February 19, February 26 (subject to change due to public health restrictions, coaching availability, and weather).

Where: Hiawatha Highlands, trailhead may change each week and will be updated using TeamSnap

What to Expect
If skiers do not have a trail pass or equipment, a discounted day pass and day rental equipment may be arranged in advance of the lesson through Hiawatha Highlands for these sessions. Please make arrangements with Hiawatha Highlands as the rental process does require liability waivers/signatures, proof of ID, and time for sizing. Note that it may take 15 minutes to get the equipment if the business is busy (limited indoor occupancy). Special Trail Pass and Rental through Hiawatha Highlands @ $10 + HST for each session.

Skiers should come prepared to class wearing clothing appropriate for the weather (e.g., base layers, warm layer, windproof jacket and pants {not jeans}, toque/headband, buff, mittens).
Trail pass must be visible (see note above), classic equipment (boots, poles, skis) on, and the attendance and health check completed using TeamSnap.

Skiers will meet at 10:45 sharp at the designated trailhead. Coaches will confirm everyone is feeling well and has a mask to wear if unable to distance 2 m, in addition to equipment on properly. Ski etiquette and some basic technique tips may be reviewed and demonstrated before and throughout the hour. The group will set off to complete a trail or sections of a trail, and can be expected to complete 3 – 6 km each session. Be prepared for all types of terrain (flats, hills) and weather conditions.
Skiers may not be directly supervised at all times, but are required to follow the directions of the coaches by checking-in at designated times and locations.
The group will end at the trailhead where they started, unless noted differently on TeamSnap.

How to Sign Up
Skiers must have a Soo Finnish Nordic Ski Club Single ($26+tax and processing fees) or Family Membership ($64+tax and processing fees). More information about programs and membership can be found here.

Members must agree to our SFNSC COVID-19 policy, which includes completing attendance and a self assessment screening (aka Health Checks) using TeamSnap. Registered members of this group will receive an email invitation to download the app and join the team using the email address provided at registration. Skiers must have a mask to wear if unable to distance 2 m, and also agree to Rowan’s Law and the Informed Consent and Assumption of Risk Agreement as part of the registration process.

Please note no refunds are available.

Registration Instructions:

Go to the Club Membership form on Zone 4

  1. Review information on the form, and select the Club Membership option appropriate for your situation.
  2. Review information on the form and select the Club Membership.

3. Continue to add a person.

4.  Make the following selections under Member Information: Youth in Programing > New to programs > NEW High School Skier (DOB 2007-2004).


5. Continue to complete the required fields (e.g., name, address, emergency contact information, etc…).
6. Under the Youth Programming section, ensure the box beside NEW Skier High School Program is selected.

7. Continue completing the form and check out.
You will receive a receipt of your membership through email. A TeamSnap email will be sent within 36 hours.
Please direct any questions to [email protected]