The Soo Finnish Nordic Ski Club offers a number of programs for skiers of all levels.  Adult recreational skiers can improve their skills and fitness by participating in the Adult Lessons program.  Competitive skiers have the opportunity to ski with the Senior and Junior Ski  Teams and Biathlon Development Team.  Younger participants can enroll in the Youth Skills Development Programs (Bunnyrabbits, Jackrabbits, Track Attack and Racing Rabbits) and the Biathlon Bears program.

The Youth Skills Development program provides young children with the opportunity to have fun and learn to ski at the same time.

The Jackrabbit Ski League Overview

The Jackrabbit Ski League is the most successful program run by Nordiq Canada in terms of the number of participants and geographic diversity.  In 2020, over 10,000 youth skiers were registered across Canada in more than 300 clubs.  Since its inception in 1980, the Jackrabbit Ski League has introduced over 125,000 Canadian children to cross country skiing. In Ontario, the Jackrabbit program is organized by Cross Country Ski Ontario and is offered in communities throughout Ontario. The Soo Finnish Nordic Ski Club is part of the Northern Ontario District of Cross Country Ski Ontario.

The Jackrabbit Program was named after the legendary ski pioneer, Herman “Jackrabbit” Smith-Johannsen – a Norwegian immigrant who lived and skied to the tender age of 111. “Jackrabbit” attributed his long life partially to cross country skiing, a healthy outdoor life, and always striving for his personal best. Many of our current Olympic stars, including Beckie Scott and Sarah Renner, got their start in their local Jackrabbit programs.

Children seem to have an innate love of sliding. The longer and faster the better. It’s no wonder that, given the opportunity, they take to cross country skiing almost as quickly as to riding a piece of cardboard down the nearest slope. Learn-to-ski and skill development programs are designed for children and youth to take advantage of that spirit of playfulness, but also add the satisfaction of making friends, learning, and achievement.

The Jackrabbit Ski League is a skill development program for children. The program objectives are for children to:

  • have fun
  • improve fitness, balance, and coordination
  • develop classic and skating ski skills
  • make friends
  • participate in time trials and races as an introduction to competition (optional)
  • develop positive self-esteem
  • develop an awareness and appreciation of our natural environment
  • develop good technique and lifestyle habits early in life.

Youth Program Equipment Requirements

It is very important to come to ski lessons prepared for your level. The right equipment will foster confidence and success to learn the
designated skills. Skiers who have poorly fitting or the wrong type of equipment for their class become discouraged with their own
development and may negatively impact classmates. In the older aged classes, skiers who do not have the right equipment may be
required to change levels.

If you are unsure of equipment requirements for your child, please take a look at our equipment and clothing recommendations – Equipment Overview Bunnies to Racing

Youth programs run for December 9, 2023 – February 24, 2024.

Jackrabbit – Welcome, Information and Schedule 2023 2024

This program registration link goes live on October 23, 2023.  Jackrabbit Registration for 2023/2024

Lessons take place at Hiawatha Highlands.  Registration for the public will open soon and a link will be provided here.

2023-2024 SFNSC Fees
Single Club Membership $30
Family Club Membership $80
Adult Lessons Free with membership
Wax Clinics Free with membership
Bunnyrabbits $146
Jackrabbits $146
Track Attack $146
Racing Rabbits $220
Junior Ski Team – 3 Days $320
Senior Ski Team $320
Senior Summer & Fall Dryland

Senior Fall Dryland

Junior Summer & Fall Dryland

Junior Fall Dryland





Racing Rabbit and Level Four Fall Dryland $75
Biathlon Development on hold
Biathlon Bears on hold
Para Nordic on hold

1. A club membership is required to participate in adult lessons.

2. A family membership is required for participation in youth programs.

3. HST is charged on club memberships.

4. Program fees for youth aged 14 and under (as of program start date) are exempt from HST.

5. Club membership fees include national, provincial, and regional district fees of $21 per person.

6. Club membership is purchased online only.

7. No refunds for club membership and program are available.

8. Programming is subject to local and provincial changes in COVID-19 policies and may be changed, reduced, or cancelled.


Annual Program Reports

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