The Soo Finnish Nordic Ski Club’s “Joie de Ski” pin is given in memory of Jim Patterson, a happy man, an enthusiastic skier, and a Jackrabbit leader for many years. Jim loved ‘his’ Jackrabbits, loved skiing and loved the friends that he made through skiing. He entered loppets and runs and races, just for the fun of it. He participated in learn-to-ski lessons, just for the fun of it. He helped build bicycle bumps and jumps on the Pinder Hill, just for the fun of it. He danced at Jackrabbit sock hops, just for the fun of it.

Jim lived and skied, filled with “la joie de vivre”.

Jim Patterson’s Memorial Award & ‘Joie de Ski’ pin celebrates the participation & accomplishment of those ski club members who share Jim’s enthusiasm, love of skiing and sense of fun.

Past recipients of Jim Patterson’s Memorial Award & ‘Joie de Ski’ pin

  • 2023  Phil Wiebe; Jamie, Kristi, Myka and Callie Broad; Kate, Josh, Cole, Evelyn and Owen Teresinski
  • 2022  Kelly Magill, The Clowater Family, The MacLachlan Family, The Kahtava Family, The Neison Family, Graham Coulombe, David Thomlinson, Andrew MacKay
  • 2021  The Butler-Allison Family, Claire McLean, Al Orlando, The Slagel Family, Jack Trombello
  • 2020 Kim Chapman,The Esposito-Aho Family, & Don & Janis Nixon
  • 2019   Maureen Kershaw, Connor Psuik, Anna Reich, André Riopel, Coulman Family
  • 2018   Mark Crofts, Peter Uhlig, Monique Wester, Bishop Family, Tchir Family, Duncan Family
  • 2017   Jamie Curran, Phil Dopp,  The Sand Family – Akela, Cina & Zarek, Teen coaches: Julie & Michelle Delorme, Charlotte Reich, Catherine Quon, Ella Santana, Courtney Gingras, Michael Shepherd, Nathan Hallet Raili Kary, Derek Rouleau, Christopher Zayachkowski
  • 2016   Raymond Bone, Ian Sinclair, Peake Family, Stewart-deBeer Family, Murray Family
  • 2015   Moody Family, Shannon Ramsay, Andrea Howland, Erin Mallinger, Lawrence Foster, Greg Prodan, Colin Edwards, Emily Hayman
  • 2014   Diane Charron-Bishop, Towle Family, Taylor Family, Hertz Family, Baldwin Family, McGuffin Family, Sam Nicoletta, Dunlop Family
  • 2013 Ortiz Family, Robert and Vera McCron, Betty Noland, Gloria Mears
  • 2012 Barrett Family, Karklins Family, Jessica Chiarello
  • 2011 Mike Keating, Eric Piscopo, Larry Tomie, Hall Family
  • 2010 Jennifer McFarling, Irvine Family, Santana Family, Carlyle Family
  • 2009 Linquist Family, Gingras Family, MacDougall Family
  • 2008 Tomie Family, Reich Family, Buckner Family
  • 2007 Nearing-van Kerkhof Family, Hopfgartner-Kitzman Family
  • 2006 Steele Family, Mihell Family, Adam Kates, Brady Dunne
  • 2005 Boucher Family, Larry Tomie
  • 2004 Bellinger Family, Gordon Family, Julia Wytsma, Cody Noland
  • 2003 Mario Festival, Barbeau Family
  • 2002 Bob Fadock, Dennis Paradine, Hogan Family
  • 2001 Elaine Windus, Paul Barbeau, Paul Pothier, John Kasch, Scott Capell, Mallinger Family
  • 2000 Margaret Meincke, Mary Ann & Dave Hayman, Ken Lomas, Dave Thomlinson
  • 1999 Lynn Rosso, Dave Poitevin, Rich & Sue Greenwood, Jake Marcinkowski, McGregor family, Haapalainen family
  • 1998 Virve Mannistë Squire, Gary Hogan, Carl Rosso
  • 1997 Gladys & Wayne Westman, Helen Lindfors, Tenho Tikka, Tom Noland, Sharon & Doug Cuddy
  • 1996 Gunnar & Liz Kristiansen, Les Godson, Bonnie & Rick Yurich
  • 1995 Wilf Fountain, Ted Sutton, Janet & Art Anderson
  • 1994 Jan Duggan, Anne Kasch