Soo Finnish Nordic Ski Club members are invited to participate in one or more of the ski technique lessons that are offered free of charge. Whether you are new to skiing or want to improve with some technique tips, all are welcome!

You must register through Zone4 for membership – either single or family, and select ‘Adult Lessons’ as you go through the form.

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Our instructors have many years of experience behind them. Each is a long-time skier and member of Soo Finnish Nordic Ski Club. We take great pleasure in teaching adults to learn the basics, to improve, or to introduce them to skating. It is very gratifying to see skiers graduate from walking on skis to gliding, or from insecurity to confidence on hills.  We’re volunteers.  We love to ski and want to pass it on!

Adult lessons start in December and occur at the same time as youth programs. 

Those signing up for lessons will receive an email or message via Team Snap about where to meet at Hiawatha Highlands for your lessons.  When signing up for lessons you will be asked to identify your skill level so that we can assign you to the appropriate group.  Lessons are provided for Classic and Skate skiing technique.  When signing up for lessons you will be asked to identify which technique you are interested in.


  • NEW – means you have never skied before
  • NOVICE – means you have had limited experience on cross country skis, or you have skied, but perhaps without formal lessons
  • INTERMEDIATE – means you enjoy skiing and would like to improve your technique


  • CLASSIC is the traditional form of skiing, used either on groomed tracks or back-country trails/fields. The skis require some form of friction on the mid-base in order to ‘push’, so either ‘waxless’ or grip wax skis are required.
  • SKATE skiing is done on untracked trails. It generates more speed, and, because the ‘push’ comes from the inner edge of the ski, no grip wax is used.
    Each techniques is part of the big world of skiing, so over the course of the lessons, you may wish to try both.

Please contact us at [email protected] if you would like more information.


Adult lessons are free for Soo Finnish Nordic Ski Club members.

Instructional Videos from XCZone

Diagonal Stride

Double Poling

Two Skate