2024 Awards Banquet

It was a perfect day to celebrate our Club and its wonderful members, friends, and families at the annual awards banquet on Saturday, March 23. Attendees reported great ski conditions, and earned a few more skilometers before enjoying the outdoor presentation, social, and the bbq and cake.

The fluctuating weather conditions definitely made this ski season challenging, but when we could ski, we made the most of it! Appreciation goes out to the Hiawatha Highlands team who put in countless hours trying to operate trails with low snow this year.

Thank you to all of our land owners and community partners for supporting all of our endeavours year-round.
Exceptional experiences happen because of the many, many volunteers who give their time and energy. Board members, coaches, adult and youth program leaders, administrators, race volunteers, wax techs, bbq and hot drink helpers, cookie donators, and set up/clean up crews all play a role in a successful, enjoyable season. We come together as people who value community, the outdoors, experiential learning, health and wellness. Thank you for continuing to make our Club so great!

Congratulations to the 2024 award recipients.

  • President’s Award – Grahame Gordon
  • Janet Rodger-Anderson Award – Mike Kornell
  • Kevin Allan Riutta Award – Christopher Clowater
  • Jim Patterson Joie de Ski Club Awards – Nadya Ladouceur, Mike Purvis, Pavelich Family: Melanie, Matt, Stella, and Victoria, Gary Hogan, Johnston Family: Sarah, Dan, Jasper & Sawyer, Jones Family: Richard, Heather, Hadley, and Dylan
  • Joie de Ski Youth Programs Awards – August Leach, Hanna Dukes, Emily Bright, Matilda Collings, James Ward, Max Solomon, Sissel Ma, Micheala Iaconis, Sidney Walker, Bridget Letheren, Poppy Collings, Zoe Bumbacco, Tarmo Aho, Hadley Jones, Leevi Luomaranta, Clem Leach, Oliver Bokhout-Laviolette, Elodie Benac, Claire Allison, Xiokang Cui
  • Joie de Ski Adult Lessons Awards – Kathleen Lidstone, Jamie Hilsinger, Brian Blaney, Christine Elliott, Tim Letheren, Katherine Paradis, Kaitlyn Darou, Ashley Richards, Christine Nenonen
  • Ski Team Golden Ski Awards – Zack Dunne & Taylor Nieson
  • Ski Team Coaches Awards – Myka Broad & Jasper Tchir
  • Racing Rabbit Teapot Sportsmanship Award – Theo Swiderski
  • Racing Rabbit Smoooth Like Butter Award – Evelyn Teresinski
  • Kinsmen Graduating Jackrabbit Awards – Owen Euale, Cameron Magill, and Maren MacLachlan
  • Kinsmen Graduating Bunnyrabbit Awards – Annika Wiebe & Gerard Johnson

Visit our Virtual Trophy Case for previous year recipients.