Club Outerwear – 2023/24 Season

Who can buy club outerwear?

All SFN members and friends are invited to order the club vest.

Warm up suit orders are offered to race program participants (Racing Rabbits 1&2, Junior Ski Team, Senior Ski Team), their parents and alumni, as well as coaches, SFN board members and lead volunteers.

Race suits are offered to past and current SFN members.

What is being offered?

The following optional club outerwear items are available to purchase from our store on Jakroo’s website.

  1. Warm up vest (Juneau)
  2. Warm up jacket
    • A) Lighter fabric (Arendal)
    • B) Heavier fabric (Alaska)
  3. Warm up pants (Bergen)
  4. Race suit
    • A) Two piece (Ruka)
    • B) One piece (Heimdall)
  5. Puffer coat (Element)

Sizing – Get the right size

Jakroo size charts are on each item’s page (click on the ? button). We highly recommend using Jakroo’s Guaranteed Sizing Form to determine which size to order. On the form, your contact is “Nick” and you will receive an email response with your recommended size(s).  Jakroo’s policy: If the size recommendation is incorrect, you pay to return the unused item to Jakroo (with tags on and within 14-days of original delivery date) and Jakroo pays to have a new size created for you! This policy is only in effect if you use the sizing service.  Please note there are no samples available to try on.


Jakroo uses “dynamic pricing”. The starting discount level is 20%.  As more people place their orders and reach the next discount level, the price automatically drops for everyone, even for those who placed their order before the drop. Final pricing for each item will be based on the highest discount level achieved for that item. Payment is processed after the close of the order period so everyone receives the same low price. Learn more about Jakroo’s pricing schedule and return/exchange policy on the store site.


Items will be mailed directly to your home. A shipping fee will be applied to your order and is based on weight of the order (typically varies between $12-30 for orders under 20 pieces). For a detailed shipping cost schedule, please contact Jakroo’s Customer Service Department at 1-800-485-7067 (ext. 2), or contact Jakroo via their online chat.

 How to order before November 19

Each family orders individually on the Jakroo website:

The shop closes November 19, 2023 – please note there are no exceptions to this date.  Orders are estimated to arrive on December 4.

The Club has a small inventory of new race suits, vests, and the lightest Jakroo jacket (Arendal), which can be purchased at any time by emailing Shannon at [email protected]. Here’s our inventory list with pricing.