2022 Soo Finnish Nordic Ski Awards Banquet

The 2022 Soo Finnish Nordic Ski Awards Banquet was hosted outdoors on Saturday, April 2, 2022 at 11:30am at Kinsmen Park. Families were encouraged to ski in the morning (trail conditions were fantastic) and return to the Kinsmen Centre for a snack of chili with bun, drinks, and treats while listening to the presentation on the ball field.

Many participants accepted their awards on skis – a first for our Club.
The awards ceremony signifies the end of the organized season and highlights the success of all of our youth, volunteers, and community.

This winter’s main challenges were navigating pandemic safety and multiple below -18°C session cancellations. Despite these issues, the trails saw high usage with strong numbers in Club membership and trail passes. The winter spent at Hiawatha Highlands with friends and family is a very special time. A big thank you goes out to everyone who makes this possible.


Photographs by M. Purvis

Congratulations to the 2022 Award Recipients!

Jim Patterson Memorial Award ‘Joie de Ski’ Pin: Isla Sinclair, Solomon Suraci, Romy Doucet, Owen Teresinski, Isaac Coutu, Zoe Bumbacco, Claire Cutler, Hadley Jones, Kohen Paat, Sawyer Johnston, Brody Wilson, Emmeline Clowater, Evelyn Teresinski, Declan McLarty, Violet Schamp, Theo Swiderski, Emma Phaneuf, Tiberious Schofield, Keira Francis, Cash Lajoie, Jenna de Beer

Kinsmen Award Most Promising Female Jackrabbit: Gwendolyn Tchir, Annie Clowater, Aurora Aho

Kinsmen Award Most Promising Male Jackrabbit: Benjamin Campbell, Xiaokang Cui

Racing Rabbits Lock City Dairies Smoooth Like Buttah Award: Neve Purvis

Graduating Racing Rabbits Teapot Award: Eli Clowater

Peanut Butter Awards: Arabella MacLachlan and Jasper Tchir

Junior Golden Ski Award: Oliver Benac

Junior Coach’s Award: Taylor Nieson

Senior Golden Ski Award: Kate de Beer

Senior Coach’s Award: Trysten Kahtava

Jim Patterson Memorial Award & ‘Joie de Ski’ Pin: Kelly Magill, The Clowater Family, The MacLachlan Family, The Kahtava Family, The Nieson Family, Graham Coulombe, David Thomlinson, Andrew MacKay

Kevin Allan Riutta Award: Sarah Butler & Kerith Slagel

Janet Rodger Anderson Award: Paul de Beer & Jodie Stewart

President’s Award: Peter Uhlig