SFN Awards Banquet 2023

Our outdoor awards ceremony originally scheduled for Saturday, April 1, 2023 was postponed to Sunday due to a wild spring storm shutting down highways, businesses, and keeping most people indoors or removing snow.  Thankfully, Sunday was a beautiful sunny and mild day for all our members to celebrate the 2022-2023 ski season on the ball field at Hiawatha Highlands.  

Presentations started at 11am while members skied, socialized, and snacked. The food tent offered hot dogs, sausages, hot chocolate, and cookies.

Soo Finnish Nordic Ski Club would like to thank the community, land owners, and partners for another wonderful season.

Congratulations to this season’s award recipients!


Jim Patterson Memorial Award ‘Joie de Ski’ Pin

Kensi Hara

James Ward

Isla Sinclair

Jasper Johnston

William Burkhart

Niilo Luomaranta

Ria Sanger

Wini Swiderski

Claire Cutler

Stella Pavelich

Hadley Jones

Finnley Walker

Maren MacLachlan

Cameron Magill

Elise Hopper

Isla Coutu

Sylas Kahtava

Finnley Aho

Aurora Aho

Cash Lajoie

Karen Reimer

Stefan Goldstein

Stephanie Maranga

Ron Flint

Simrit Gill

Charles Cressey

Phil Wiebe

Jamie, Kristi, Myka, & Callie Broad

Kate, Josh, Cole, Evelyn, & Owen Teresinski


The Kinsmen Graduating Bunnyrabbit Awards

Camille Poole & Stuart Middaugh


The Kinsmen Graduating Jackrabbit Awards

Karter Xu & Evelyn Teresinski


Smoooth Like Buttah Racing Rabbits Trophy

Gwendolyn Tchir


Graduating Racing Rabbit Teapot Trophy

James Elgie


Junior Ski Team Awards

Golden Ski Award – Jasper Tchir

Coach’s Award – Arabella MacLachlan


Senior Ski Team

Golden Ski Award – Kate de Beer

Coach’s Award – Simon Trombello


Kevin Allan Riutta Award

Shane Dunne, Kevin Magill, & Greg MacLachlan


Janet Rodger Anderson Award

Joanna MacDougall


President’s Award

Trisha Westman & Lawrence Foster