Ski Boot and Clothing Repairs in Sault Ste. Marie

Soo Finnish Nordic Ski Club members are an active and outdoorsy bunch.   We enjoy skiing but we also enjoy all kinds of other outdoor activities year round.  With lots of activity, the gear we have gets lots of wear and tear.
Club member Peter Uhlig  is sharing the following information.  There are folks in town that may be able to repair our ski boots and outdoor clothing.
Ski boots can be a particular problem.  Zippers sometimes break and Bergamin’s no longer does boot repairs.  Here is the information on the only cobbler that Peter was able to find in town:
  • Ross Medaglia,  Medaglia Shoe Repair
  • 213 Wellington Street West (Old Paul’s Bakery)
  • 705-542-8532
  • Call after 4 pm or visit his shop on Saturday 9am – 3pm.  Use the back door)
  • The location is a house (no sign) roughly kitty-corner from RJ’s Market.  The driveway is on the east side of the building.  Parking is in the rear.

The rest of our gear, from jackets to packs and tents take a beating.  Sam Emerson is a young entrepreneur who will tackle repairs on all kinds of ski/bike/outdoor clothing, bike bags and accessories, tents, packs and sleeping bags.  She is also a creative seamstress who will alter, patch and mend a wide variety of clothing.  Sam also happens to be a quilter.  Some text from her is provided below along with some online links that you can check out yourselves.

Don’t throw it out! Patch it don’t trash it!
Mending available so your gear can last another season, as well as simple alterations to make you more comfortable on the trails!

Anything that can be sewn back together. The most loved gear gets the most wear, send me an email with pictures of the problem and we can find out a way to fix it up! (zipper replacements may be possible but have long lead times)

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I look forward fixing whatever you may have broken! Backpacks, pants, ski and bike accessories & more!

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