Summer Dryland 2023 Program

“Skiers are made in the summer!” Soo Finnish is offering a multi-day summer program for our skiers who will be joining Racing Rabbits 2, the Junior Team, and the Senior Team in the 2023-2024 ski season. Please review the table below.

  Junior Program Senior Program
Eligibility Skiers who will be joining 2nd Year Racing Rabbits or the Junior Team for the 2023-24 season.
(approx. YOB 2012-2010)
Skiers who will be joining the Senior Team for the 2023-24 season.
(approx. YOB 2009-2005)
Season Dates June 1 – August 29 June 1 – August 29
Schedule Tuesdays: Mix of activities, including running
Thursdays: Rollerskiing

Tuesdays: Running
Wednesdays: Strength & Conditioning
Thursdays: Rollerskiing
Fridays in July/August: Cycling
Location Locations & start times will be on TeamSnap for each session.
(normally at 6 or 6:30 start)
Locations & start times will be on TeamSnap for each session.
(normally at 6 or 6:30 start)
Cost $125 Dryland Fee
$80 annual SFN Family Membership

includes hi-vis team t-shirt and some post-training snacks

$175 Dryland Fee
$200 George Leach 6-month membership
$80 annual SFN Family Membership

includes hi-vis team t-shirt and some post-training snacks.

The U14 & U12 Yr 2 cohort will further develop fundamental movement, sport skills, establish an aerobic base, and work on speed and strength. A mix of running-based activities will be planned for Tuesday practices, and Thursdays will be focused on rollerskiing.

Our U18-U16 skiers will continue to develop aerobic capacity and power, both sport- and individual-specific skills, and work on self-awareness and independence. Senior group sessions will include running on Tuesdays, a strength and conditioning session on Wednesdays at the George Leach Centre, rollerskiing on Thursdays, and a road cycling session on Friday evenings on St. Joseph Island will start in July.

Tuesday practices for both cohorts will need minimal gear: running shoes and a drink belt. Poles will be added later on in the season. Locations may vary for each session and will be identified in TeamSnap.

Wednesday’s strength session for Seniors will require a GLC membership. Gym membership acquisition details will follow for those who register, and please let us know if your skier already is an existing member. Indoor shoes are required.

For Thursday’s rollerski sessions, Juniors and Seniors will need their own equipment, including skate rollerskis (+ classic for veteran Seniors), poles with carbide tips, ski boots, helmet, hi-vis clothing, eye protection, and gloves. Elbow and knee pads are encouraged, especially for new rollerskiers. Thursday sessions may also change locations to take advantage of different terrain.

Seniors who will be participating in Friday’s road cycling session on St. Joseph Island will need a well-maintained bicycle and helmet. Specific equipment questions can be discussed with the coaches.

All participants will receive a hi-vis team t-shirt and occasional post-practice treats.

Dryland programming registration requires signing up for a new family club membership (membership to Nordiq Canada, Cross Country Ski Ontario, and the Northern Ontario District). The family club membership is $80+HST, and is a once-a-year fee; you will not have to pay this fee again for winter programming as long as you ensure each individual in your family who will be active with the ski club in the 2023-2024 season is listed under your family membership (e.g., Mom is a General Member, Dad is a Coach, Brother is a General Member rather than a Youth in Programming if he is not participating in dryland). These extra steps now will avoid registration fees and work later, and ensure everyone is insured properly.

Families will be added to TeamSnap once registered on Zone4.

It’s going to be a great summer!  Big thanks to the many volunteers who are providing these opportunities.