Date: October 27, 2020

To: All club members, participants, parents, and visitors

From: Board of Directors, SFNSC

Due to the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic, we are taking proactive steps to address several
areas of concern regarding the operations of the ski club. First and foremost, we want to
maintain a safe environment and adopt practices protecting the health of club members,
volunteers, visitors, and others. We also want to ensure the continuity of ski club operations
during this pandemic.

The COVID-19 situation continues to change quickly as it affects the activities of the Soo
Finnish Nordic Ski Club and its members. This COVID-19 Plan has been developed in
consultation with resources from Nordiq Canada, Cross Country Ski Ontario (XCSO), Algoma
Public Health and the Government of Ontario in order to modify operations to align with public
health measures in place across Canada.

This plan may be updated as requirements change. All reference materials supporting this plan
will be posted on the SFNSC website (

Below is the return to ski policy. It is important that we all understand, embrace, and respect
these changes. Please remember this is a challenging time to be planning programs. Our
objective is to ensure our environment is safe, allowing us to share a great season of skiing.

SFNSC Return to Ski Policy:

  • It is critical that anyone who is feeling at all unwell stays home. The health of our ski
    community, staff, and the wider community depends on this and is of the utmost
    importance to us.
  • Self-screening for COVID-19 must be done in person prior to every session with
    the records being maintained for contact tracing if required.
  • Access to the Hiawatha Highlands’ building (Kincentre) will be permitted with enforced
    controls for washroom use, rentals, and trail pass sales.
  • An outdoor washroom will be located near the Hiawatha Highlands’ building.
  • SFNSC’s blue clubhouse (including wax facilities) will be closed for use other than for
    essential access by designated volunteers and staff.
  • During any indoor activities, SFNSC will provide alcohol-based hand sanitizers in common areas. Cleaning sprays and wipes will also be provided to clean and disinfect
    frequently touched objects and surfaces (indoors). Outdoor areas will not be sanitized.
    Avoid touching any outdoor surfaces (gates, signposts, etc.).
  • Employees, volunteers, and members of the public are required to wear face masks
    indoors and when unable to maintain physical distancing outdoors. This includes when
    in vehicles, storage buildings, warming stations and outdoor washrooms. Buffs are not
    acceptable substitutes for face masks.
  • Ensure physical distancing is practiced at all times
    • Maintain a 2-meter space between people
    • Limit the number of people participating in any activity (eg. ski groups, lessons) in
      accordance with guidelines provided by XCSO
    • Do not congregate in parking lots or anywhere on ski trails
    • Perform meetings online whenever possible
  • Attendance of participants, coaches, assistants, (and where appropriate) participating
    parents) will be logged to help with contact tracing.
  • During any club-sanctioned event, provide routine environmental cleaning (doorknobs,
    keyboards, counters, and other surfaces).
  • Avoid using pressurized air or water sprays that may result in the generation of
  • There will be a “no sharing policy”
    • Do not share food or drink
    • Do not have potluck-style meals or snacks
    • Use individual water bottles and instruct participants to bring their own snacks
    • Do not share equipment, including wax, corks, poles, mittens, hats and
      lesson/training equipment
    • Do not share personal protection equipment (PPE, masks, face coverings)
  • Carry a plastic or zip lock bag to discard your own trash and take it home with you.