How to Prepare for Youth Program Registration 2021-2022

The registration link will be posted on this website when it is ready to accept memberships.

2021-2022 Schedule of Classes (as of Nov 18, 2021)









General Registration Information

  • Membership and processing fees are non-refundable. Fees are subject to HST.  Zone4 and credit card processing fees will be identified before you checkout.
  • Membership does not include a Hiawatha Highlands trail pass.
  • SFNSC is a member of Nordiq Canada, Cross Country Ski Ontario, and the Northern Ontario Ski District, and is required to direct $19 for each individual club member to these sport organizing bodies to support the development of cross country skiing and provide liability insurance coverage for approved activities.
  • Club membership includes agreeing to the terms presented in Nordiq Canada’s Informed Consent And Assumption Of Risk Agreement, Rowan’s Law, and SFNSC’s COVID-19 policy.
  • All coaches, volunteers, and parents who will be involved with programming must register as club members.
  • Photographs of SFNSC members are occasionally used for promotional purposes on SFNSC websites, newsletters, reports, and banquets. Anyone who does not want their photo taken must assume this responsibility and self identify to the photographer.

Youth Program Registration Information

  • A Family Club Membership is required for participation in any of our youth programs, regardless of the number of children in the family, and is non-refundable.
  • All youth program registrations are completed online.
  • Hiawatha Highlands trail passes are included in program fees for children 12 years old and under. Youth aged 13 years and older in our programs need to purchase a trail pass. Visit Hiawatha Highlands  for trail pass information.
  • We are unable to provide one-on-one supervision, specific medical support, or guarantee an allergen-free environment. Due to the extreme conditions of cross country skiing, and for the safety of all of the participants, parents are expected to support the volunteer coaches by accompanying their skier at times to promote success.
  • Not sure about equipment? Review the requirements for each program on the SFNSC website before registering.  Still unsure?  Ask Jackrabbits.
  • This year, programming is available in three tiers; 1) program volunteer’s children, 2) returning families, 3) new families. Registration is on a first-come first-served basis and classes fill quickly.  This is a volunteer club and all coaches/assistants are volunteers.  More spaces may become available if more members volunteer to coach and take proper training, but we are also limited this year by trailheads and schedules.  Private lessons are available at Hiawatha Highlands.
  • Parents of youth in programs who would like to participate in free adult lessons or social ski groups need to register as a club member, too (i.e., register your child(ren) and yourself).
  • Parents of youth in programs who will not be skiing with their children during programming hours, volunteering in any in-person capacity, or who do not wish to participate in any adult programs may omit themselves as a club member; however, a Family Club Membership is still required for children to participate in programming.


COVID-19 Specific Information

  • All club members must follow the SFNSC COVID-19 policy, including future updates.
  • No refunds will be issued. We are committed to making the season operate, but there are many variables we cannot control and expenses that occur before the season starts.
  • All participants will be required to complete a COVID-19 health check prior to attending a session. To manage this, we are using the TeamSnap app.  Stay home if you are not well.
  • All participants must have their own mask with them at all times (a neckwarmer/Buff is not sufficient as per APH guidelines).
  • Classes vary in duration, see the schedule above.
  • There will be no indoor heated area to warm up, change, store gear, or wait.
  • Participants need to come to sessions prepared. There will be no sharing of drinks, snacks, equipment, clothing, gear, masks, wax, corks, etc.