Results – Crystal 50 – March 17, 2002

The Crystal 50
Hiawatha Highlands
Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario
Sunday, March 17, 2002
Gold    Eric Piscopo    3:01:00
Silver  Larry Tomie     3:13:00
Bronze  Mario Festival  3:27:50
The Crystal 50 used the Crystal Trail System at Hiawatha Highlands starting with the 2K trail and then followed by 4 laps of the Crystal 12K loop (including all the extensions: Hiawatha, Inner Loop, Olympic). It is probably one of the toughest 50K races around.
The idea for the race started with Larry Tomie. The Crystal 50 served as a substitute for the Tahquamenon Falls Nordic Invitational in Newberry that was cancelled this year. Even though the idea for an end of year race was talked about for awhile, the final date and time was not set until Friday before the race. A number of people were invited and a race notice was posted on this web site and on the rec.skiing.nordic news group, but only three people showed up. Yes, the above results includes all the participants. As Mario predicted, “on the podium if the right people don’t show up.”
The conditions were perfect with mostly sunny skies and temperatures in the -7 to -3 range. Eric had just come back from a week of high-altitude training at Silver Star and easily won the race. He was rewarded with the tab for lunch.
The format for the race was simple: no fees, no awards, no aid and no wimps!
We hope to hold the event again next year.