Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Youth Programs 2021-2022

FAQ’s as of September 27, 2021

When will registration open?
There is no fixed date as of yet for the registration to open. Families who were members in 2020-2021 will be emailed prior to the registration opening. New families who wish to be notified prior to the registration opening should read more here: Non-club members (new families) 

When do youth programs occur?
We aim to have programs for children on both Saturday and Sunday, starting December 11 and ending March 5. Children in the racing programs will have additional sessions each week either Tuesday, Thursday, or both (we are still working on the schedule).

I have signed up on the waitlist in the past and did not get in. Are there limits to how many people can participate in youth ski programs?
Unfortunately, yes there are limits. Our ski club programs are completely volunteer operated. There are only so many qualified and enthusiastic volunteer coaches for proper instruction and supervision. This past year, we followed our local public health restrictions and guidelines to keep our community safe, which also meant we had to cap registration numbers for classes, schedule multiple start times at different trailheads, and our younger skiers required a parent to ski along. Coaches are given priority to register, followed by returning families, and any spaces left over are open to the public. Please note that families who have multiple children may have different start times.
As an alternative to the club youth programs, Hiawatha Highlands (the business) offers youth private lessons. Visit for more information.

I am interested in becoming a volunteer ski coach; how do I sign up?
Fantastic – thank you in advance! Please email ASAP, preferably before October 1, and for more information. Coaches are required to be Club Members, do a Police Vulnerable Sector Check (VSC- level three) every three years, attend the pre-season Coaching Meeting (two online options available), and sign up for the appropriate level of coach training when offered. Some expenses are reimbursed after a season of coaching. First year coaches typically assist a veteran coach.

I want to take advantage of Hiawatha Highlands’ discounted trail passes before the season starts, but I don’t know if my child is in Jackrabbits (programs) yet – what should I do?
If you sign up on the Program Notification Registration prior to October 1, and you are unable to register for youth programs (Jackrabbits) when it opens, a special consideration will be honoured at Hiawatha Highlands. Please email after Jackrabbit registration closes to discuss the situation. Please note that all skiers are required to wear a pass at Hiawatha Highlands from November 15 to April 15. Children registered in Jackrabbits who are 4 to 12 years old are provided a ski trail pass.

Do you offer refunds?
Unfortunately, we do not. As soon as you sign up for a membership and/or program, we incur expenses that are non-refundable to the Club. It costs us money to process a refund as well; not only is it multiple hours of volunteer work, we have to pay our accountant and bookkeeper to make these adjustments, in addition to other administration expenses. Please keep this in mind when registering your child for Jackrabbits.